Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Way to go Fiona!

Now that Rachel is safely off to school (going into the building all by herself, even!), Fiona is starting her "preschool." We applied for - and were accepted into - a cooperative playgroup for one and two year olds. It's organized and staffed by the moms, and we rotate taking care of the kids. It's really well set up and I think we're really going to enjoy it. Monday was our first day, and I worked (I was the diaper person...hooray!). Fiona did well, except she wouldn't let me hold or touch any other child. Sheesh! Who would have thought? So, with that, combined with her past performances as psycho separation/stranger anxiety baby, I was a little bit worried about her when I dropped her off today. I figured I'd get a call asking me to come get her, but I did not. Nope, there were no calls to interrupt me as I sat around eating bon bons. Just kidding! Actually, cleaned the house like a woman on fire, but this isn't about my exciting life. So, receiving no calls to come get my desperate child, I went to pick up Fiona, and there she was, happy as a clam, having a great time. Huh. Well. Go figure.
Fiona seems to know lots of colors, but can only say "green" which sounds a lot like "GWEEEE" which should not be confused with "DWEEE," which seems to mean "drink" plus something else I still haven't figured out. Who says moms understand everything their children say? I sure don't! Also, she is obsessed with body parts, arms, legs, eyes, etc. and we have many reviews of these things daily. She can do almost anything you ask of her - this morning I asked her to go get her shoes on, so she went downstairs and when I came down a few minutes later she had put on her sister's old froggy rain boots, on the correct feet, thank you very much. Then, of course, we spent the whole way to school naming the parts of the frog - "eyes" "lips" "eyes" "lips" "eyes" "lips" and so on, and so on, and so on...

She walks backward (you can't really tell, but that's what she's doing at left), spins, and even tries to skip. This is a hoot, because she looks just like the "Karate Kid" doing that stork pose, or whatever that was. Since she's got about 4 years to practice, I'm not worried.

I will soon get into the habit of taking a camera with me wherever I go so that y'all can see fresh new pictures of our adventures, which aren't really so adventurous, but...
I'll post more really soon, but at the moment I have to go wake Fiona up (ugh! it just kills me to have to do that!) to go get Rachel soon.

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